Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Welcome to the Create for Cross blog! 

Create for Cross is an art exhibition first founded by Sam Peet (me), Frida Green and Holly Middleditch, to raise money and awareness for the British Red Cross. 
For the event we got artists to donate a piece of work, then for the duration of the exhibition the work is subject to a secret auction. The person who puts in the winning bid gets the artwork, with all the money being donated to the British Red Cross.

Here is a link to the last event:  

Now Create for Cross is coming back around with me and Lucy Atkinson organising it, this time its going to be held in Norwich @ St Gregory's Church Gallery http://www.stgregorysart.co.uk/ 

There will be a list of confirmed artists soon, however if you are an artist and want to get involved and submit some work then contact me at sam_peet@hotmail.com

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